12 May 2023

And Then Another Update...

   And that would be that Web browser wot we know as Firefox. Version 113 would you believe? Anyhoo, I done did update and guess wot? Yup, the script kiddies overruled the userChromecss file and put the tab bar back above the address bar where they wanted it to be rather than where mere users would like it to be so off we go again.
   After some hard work – I’ll rephrase that – after searching for the results of folk who’d done the hard work, I tracked down an amended CSS file wot would put he tab bar back where I like it so duly went to AppData, Roaming, Mozilla, Firefox, Profiles and changed the Chrome CSS file. Restarted Firefox to find no change.
   Wot to do; then the penny dropped. After a while, I managed to pick it up, sat back down and slowly remembered where the penny came from.
   I went back to check and sure enough there was my profile complete with the Chrome folder and a new profile, no Chrome, dated as of the Firefox update.
   Next move? Go to about:profiles and sure enough Funny-fox had switched profiles so I selected me, clicked Set As Default, restarted Foxy and Roberts your mothers brother, tabs back below the address bar.
   Well, that passed a phew hours with a satisfying end result. So, ‘till the next time.
   In other ‘news’, remember my drivel the other day regards ID cards? Wot did I dribble? ...before too long someone will come up with a plan wot everyone will agree on.
   You still laughing? Well, guess wot. Did you catch the pundits discussing the level of immigration the other day and how so many illegals disappear into the black economy? Wot was the leading solution? Yup, ID cards for all; thus we have the first drip into our heads. Still laughing?

Quote;  Brian Kernighan.

“Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place. Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are, by definition, not smart enough to debug it.”


Grandad said...

You Sir are the Great Cheese; nay the Grand High Master and the Saviour of my Sanity. That one has been driving me demented and none of the fixes I tried did the trick.

All I have to do now is somehow move the menu bar to the top. Not as important though as moving the tabs down.

Mac said...

Only too happy to help.
My menu bar is at the top and I must admit I thought the only choices were show or hide via right clicking the on the address bar. I'll see if I can find anything.

Mac said...

Menu bar; right click address bar, untick menu to hide it and when you need to use the menu, click the alt key to show it, use it and it hides again after use. Will that help?

Grandad said...

I actually found a permanent solution on the same site you found. There was another bit of code which can be added to do the job - abs_on_bottom_menubar_on_top_patch.css. I missed it in the first trial.

So my Firefox is back to its original state though a few settings had reverted to default which was annoying. By far the worst update they have yet made.

I look forward to the next one......

Mac said...

Glad you got it sorted. I'll put that bit o' code to one side for just in case in the future.
You look forward to the next one my friend? Look no longer, mine just updated... No change to menu bars this time. Next time?

Grandad said...

If it's any help, the process is now archived for posterity!

Mac said...

Nice one! All in one place and easy to follow directions.
I'm sure we've helped many a frustrated user out there.
Also appreciate the link.

James Higham said...

I gave up on Firefly a decade or so ago.

Mac said...

I must've tried just about everything out there but keep coming back to Fury-fox mainly because of the tab bar positioning.
Remember Netscape? Those were the daze eh?