3 Feb 2023

And Then, A Cough...

   May I advise a face mask be worn before continuing to read wot’s below as the words could be contaminated by wot’s wrong with me and her or her and me or her and I.
   Ready? Masked-up? Sanitizer liberally splashed about? Then I’ll begin.
   You’re probably wondering were I be. Or probably not. Anyhoo I be here but not really here. Had enough of the treble talk?
   Okay, since Sunday or Monday my little nest of vipers and I have had the most annoying, continuous tickly throats resulting in annoying, continuous coughing all the day through and all night long.
   Is/was it co-co or Flue or just a tickly throat and rotten cough? Did we seek medical assistance? We did not as we’ve been here before, on rare occasion, and will probably be here again some other time, and anyway, all we would’ve got would be, ‘Get down here right quick as we’ve got shots of an experimental chemi cocktail here with your names on ‘em.’
   Hope I haven’t passed it on via the Wibbly Wobbly Web as it’s a bit of a bummer and the last thing I’ve thought of the past few days is tap, tap tapping on this here tap-top.
    So, a tad better today so hopefully full recovery will be ours in the next day or two.
   We were on the down beat? Back to happy daze long before taking offence at any and everything became a full time pastime for so many seeking down beat in their own sad lives. Once again, keep you’re eye on the bass player... Enjoy.

Quote;  John Philpot Curran.

“My dear doctor, I am surprised to hear you say that I am coughing very badly, as I have been practising all night.”

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Mac said...

I know what you mean regards cleaning up after others. I have friends that do just that. All I can manage now is an occasional walk and pick-up each way outside our drum.
You make an interesting point regards Minnie the Minx. Last time I had similar, it lasted 2 days so this time maybe I got it and on day two my little nest of vipers caught it from me and as I was about to self cure, I caught it back from her.
Amongst my meds I take C+zinc and D.
Can't help you regards pee, not encountered that - yet.
I tried repeating your Billy quote but was sick half way through...