6 Aug 2022

And Then, Murder She Wrote...

   Saw this in the comments at Going Postal and thought I’d put the link up here in case you missed it  as it’s so very cleaver and says so much about where we be and where we be going ‘news’ wise vs the experimental chemi cocktail adverse reactions.
   There’s also a comment below the video that includes a ‘news’ clipping regards a student who died suddenly and his family stated he’d died of excitement upon learning he’d passed his exams. As you do...
   One criticism? The speed verses my old eyes ability to read at speed. Play, pause, play, pause pleased my eyes and head a tad better so if you’re of an age, have your cursor hovering over the video pause icon and click as text from the ‘news’ appears.
So here’s the link. It’s a beauty.
   I’ve also noticed recently that aircraft – and there have been many flying over where wot we live today – contrails have become way, way bigger than I remember them in the recent past. This leads the conspiracy nutter wot resides in a dark corner of my swede to wonder wot ‘they’ might be dumping on us lot down here.
Addendumadodad;  Just after posting I took a look at Going Postal and the first thing I ran into was this. Talk about a spooky coincidence eh?

Quote;  Sol Luckman.

“conspiracy theorist: (n.) Marginalized thinker with a better than average chance of being right on the money.”


DAD said...

What is the difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth.

It used to be about two years, recently it has reduced to six months.

Mac said...

Ain't that the truth.
I used to wear by conspiracy badge with pride but the word pride got high-jacked along with rainbows so I now keep my conspiracies behind the sofa. As you say, they're not there for long these days.