19 Jan 2022

And Then, It’s Just Numbers...

   An interesting clip regards those pesky government co-co ‘with’ vs ‘from’ figures much loved and hyped by the MSM.
   More on numbers can be found here. Damn those pesky conspiracy nutters eh?
   I also spotted, in various places, a recording of a phone call, allegedly from a health professional, advising the caller to forego the chemi cocktail booster{?} regards fears of long term effects and they were fully expecting an urgent and imminent announcement regards the stopping of all puncture work.
   Never going to happen is it? Can you imagine the earth shatteringly huge repercussions  should any government, given the vast number of folk who’ve already been terrified into taking the experimental chemi cocktail, on being told all further population punctures will be stopped owing to  ‘newly discovered’ near and long term health risks?
   The only time something like that could be announced would be when it could be buried below really big scary news. News like the start of a war or something. Oh, hang on a sabre rattling minute...
   Here’s a thought for all those conspiracy nutters. Could it be that all those Nightingale hospitals they’re building and all the protective kit they’re buying for those wot will staff ‘em has nothing to do with co-co but are actually ‘just in case’ measures for a possible forthcoming conflict that could turn nastily nuclear? 


Quote;  Plato.

“A good decision is based on knowledge, and not on numbers.”

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