21 Oct 2021

And Then, I’ll Leave It To The TV...

   Sorry for the absence, but now and then proper life, or wot passes for proper these days, gets in the way of just sitting and aimlessly tap-tap tapping on a tap top.
  Now I’m here for a few minutes, wot to say? It seems the brutal dispatching of an MP was quite quickly dropped from the ‘news’ cycles as I assume it was getting a tad to iffy to talk about in any meaningful detail. Let’s settle for the ‘fact’ it was fermented by the use of online hate along with cries to curb anonymous usage. Censorship of the Wibbly Wobbly Web inches yet closer. Meanwhile that elephant in the country remains free to rampage unchallenged.
   So wot to fill the ‘news’ with? Let’s go full co-co again. Let’s start with Savage Jabathon  and then wheel out many long haired, unshaven doctors and directors of this that and the other all screaming for Plan B and the ‘fact’ that one and all, never mind the age, really must go and get the magic chemi cocktail of either shot one, shot two or the first of wot I’m sure will be many boosters. NOW. Seems there are quite a lot of  ‘uncaring’ folk out here wot haven’t even had shot one. However, it would also seem that many doubly punctured are taking-up valuable bed space in dock. But let’s give that no never mind, eh?
   Climate? Enough already with the nutty ideas. And a thought: All those TV adverts for home security kits; do they run off mains electrickery? With spiralling power costs, how long before it becomes a choice between eat, heat or protect? Let’s not forget all those security cameras... The bad boys must be rubbing their hands in anticipation. Sorry, and girls.

Quote;  Hiral Nagda.

“Persevere against all odds & struggles. They are nothing but a toughened pathway to your glorious shiny destiny.”

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