7 Apr 2021

And Then, Order Foil...

   Well, so, by the time I press the Publish button on this I’m quietly confident that co-co cocktail at the centre of ‘investigation’ regards blood clotting will be declared safe for use – even on kittens.
   Regards clots, would that be those that would be ruling over us?
   With that in mind – that would be in my mind – have a look at something wot I bumped into this morning. May I suggest that if you’re one of the recently perfectly healthy punctured people, just move along without doing any of that clicky thingy on the link as it may cause you the odd sleepless night. 
   However, and if you have a plentiful supply of tin foil, have a read of this at Conservative Woman. And, yet again, you really should read it if you’re close to getting the call to the jab-hut and are still undecided as to wot to do before making your final decision.
   You want it darker?
They're lining up the prisoners,
And the guards are taking aim,
I struggle with some demons,
They were middle class and tame,
I didn't know I had permission,
To murder and to maim...


Quote;  Virginia Woolf.

“Mental fight means thinking against the current, not with it. It is our business to puncture gas bags and discover the seeds of truth.”

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