4 Apr 2021

And Then, Have A Listen...

   Interesting bit in the ‘news’ this morning and right on queue, regards the next ramp-up of the fear factor:
Covid nightmare: Vaccine panic as NEW Brazil variant 'alters itself to defeat antibodies'
   Next episode due June or possibly a tad earlier.
   Anyhoo, for those undecided regards having your arm punctured and a chemi cocktail pumped into yourself, have a listen to these two videos wot I have gone done and embederated below. And then? It’s your body, your future, your choice.

   On Bit Chute, that one is followed by this one. For clarification, ‘that’ is the one above and ‘this’ is the one below. Got it? Good. That’s, like, awesome!

   Food for thought there for you before you gallop off to your nearest jab-in-a-hut and roll your sleeve up I’d o’ thought. And yet another fellow who needs to be taking greater care when crossing the road and thinking twice before taking any more leisurely walks in the woods...

Quote;  M. Beddow Bayly.

“The more vaccination is supported by public authorities, the more will its dangers and disadvantages be concealed or denied.”


Doonhamer said...

And the Boeing 737 Max is a perfectly safe aircraft. The FAA said so.
I have just finished reading John leCarre's The Constant Gardener. Purely coincidentally and I did not know its story in advance.
LeCarre's post script at end of the story is interesting.

Mac said...

Seems like the questioning is slowly starting to break through.
As the old one goes; believe half of what you see and nothing that you hear.