23 Feb 2021

And Then, A Map...

   Well, so, that tussle haired scamp, Doris Jabson, has unveiled a road map to freedom from lock-up and I’m betting that once we start the journey, not long after passing ‘Go’, we’ll be met by a very large sign stating, Road Works Ahead. Please Make A ‘U’ Turn Now. Oh how I’ve been beaten into negativity.
    Once again I give thanks to the scientific community for highlighting the mental makeup of that bug thingy and how it would seem it shuns placed of education an’ such, in favour of places of entertainment and jollity. As viruses go, this fellow seems pretty smart regards wot and where it likes and doesn’t like... 
   Remember when mention of domestic vaccine passports was met by those up there with laughter and ‘No; absolutely not! But, but, err, but...’ Remember that? Now pick through the ‘news’ and you’ll find that the but, but, err, but bit is very much to the fore in top folks formulating and planning. How sad is that then? And who up there is going to stand fast for our freedoms, the few we have left? Hello? Anyone up there? Anybody? Nobody? I see troubles ahead...
   Anyhoo, let’s close with an old favourite and may the road rise with you as well;

Anger is an energy.
They put a hot wire to my head,
'Cos of the things I did and said,
And made these feelings go away,
Model citizen in every way.                    

Quote;  Benjamin Franklin.

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”


Anonymous said...

I reckon your summation is about correct Mac.
In the words of Rolf Harris : "Can you see what it is yet?"

Have a listen to this guy. This one is addressed to the Irish people, but it could just as easy be addressed to us.



Mac said...

Thanks for the link - I'll use that this evening.