17 Jan 2021

And Then A Lesson...

And that lesson would be? A lesson in consumerism and the ease of on-line shopping.
   I had a problem with my printer a few days ago which started when I changed an ink cartridge. Changed it and printed a document and it turned out rubbish; out of alignment and all the colours were messed up. Next step? Full ink cartridge change out. And the result? Rubbish as before plus some.
   Wot to do. I’ve had this wireless printer/scanner for something like twelve years so wot kicks in? Fix it or f**k it? Right, option two. On-line, find something that fits my modest needs and prepare to do that clicky and collect thingy.
   Sadly, everywhere in range had zero stock. Wot to do, as I really needed to print that wot I wanted to print. An official document so it really didn’t need to be on the squint, fuzzy and faded.
   You know wot? With a few printer button presses I was at the tools settings. Wot to do? Why printer nozzle maintenance of course. Done and followed by nozzle alignment. Done. Wot now? Okay, I’m down on my knees as the printer is on a shelf under the desk so while I was down there I lifted the paper out and poked it back in. Haaay, the left side printer guide had been knocked out of place last time I shoved paper in there. Alignment solved?
   All done, stood up – and that took longer than the ‘job’ – and tested; perfect print.
   I then reflected on how close I’d been to just getting a new printer when all that was required was a few button presses, ten minutes all up, to fix it and how much tech stuff must be needlessly dumped, especially by the younger, for new kit every day for the sake of a few button presses.     
   For other news you won’t here mentioned on our ‘news’ outlets, check this out over at Bloomberg;
”Norway expressed increasing concern about the safety of the Pfizer Inc. vaccine on elderly people with serious underlying health conditions after raising an estimate of the number who died after receiving inoculations to 29.”
Also, check out the links left by Ripper in the comments to the last post. When you get the call to go get your scooby-jabba-a-do, think carefully; it’s your choice...
   Wot the hay, let’s have the news again:


Quote;  Douglas Adams.

“We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.”


Ripper said...

Strange, Mac.. having difficulty getting to nourishing obscurity, Firefox has blocked it as a security risk. James did say the site may not be up for much longer, if that happens he's gong back to the blogspot site but there's no posts on there. I'll try another browser for now but just to let you know in case you visit.

Mac said...

Yup, warnings only. Even the RSS Feed is showing unknown error.
I can get to the 'old' site but no new posts at this time;


Ripper said...

Mac, this is because the site certificate has expired 6.30pm today. James can't do anything about it due to the death of Chuckles, the site admin, on the 5th. Right now James is moving back to the blogspot.com site. OoL will be moving to blogspot too, when the same happens there.

Since I tried earlier I went into the advanced options in Firefox and clicked on 'Accept Risk and Continue to Site'. That has switched off advanced tracking for that site and the warnings are gone.

Other commenters have also had this problem on other browsers. But the first post from James is now up on the new (well - dusted off) site.

Mac said...

Got there; links, RSS feeds an' such al updated. Thanks.