13 Jul 2019

And Then The Media...

It’s been a confusing few days has it not? There’s been a conference regarding press freedom, the publication of leaked memos from our US ambassador, now some top cop has popped up strongly advising the media not to make public any other memos they may have or risk prosecution.

That statement caused those two fellows who wish to ‘lead’ this country to jump up and down declaring the press must be free to publish anything deemed to be in the public interest without the threat of legal action. I also see those two top Labour chaps are also squealing about protecting the freedom of investigative journalism. And let’s not forget the MSM. Man, there’s some crying going on is there not?

I can only assume these same folk were all out together on a squirrel spotting adventure when that another chap, a fellow of  - apparently - indeterminate name, was thrown into high security choky for filming outside a court prior to the verdict being announced on a further three members of a gang of very naughty fellows.

And on a different level, let’s not forget the poor fellow who’s just been awarded a sack o’ cash in compensation as he was offended by having to walk past some photos:
”A senior Northern Ireland civil servant was paid £10,000 (€11,150) in compensation because he was offended at having to walk past portraits of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, it has emerged.”

This country is rapidly becoming a very confusing and not all that funny, cartoon. Seems like only yesterday I embederated this ditty but what the hay...

Finally, remember not too long ago when the media were hyperventilating, on the minute, every minute, about the high temperatures being experienced around Europe? Yet nary a whisper regarding the low temps and morning frosts swathes of Europe have been experiencing lately.  I’m sure they’ll catch up, right?

...and the Japanese as well. Haven’t spotted this on the TV at time of typing.

Quote:  Scott Howard Phillips.

“You can't pick and choose which types of freedom you want to defend. You must defend all of it or be against all of it.”

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