23 Jul 2021

And Then, More Pinging...

   Yup, ping-pong is getting top slot in the ‘news’ cycles again along with health ‘experts’ screeching about the end of the world if folk don’t follow the instructions to hide in the cupboard under the stairs if so directed by a ping from pong and employers crying that applying for exemptions for pinged folk to carry on working regardless are too complex and time consuming.
   A simple fix for employers and employees, which will also have the benefit of sending health ‘experts’ absolutely nuts, would be, as previously suggested, the use of the delete function on their phones thus severing links between the pingee and pinger. Trust me, this deleting task does not require any complex scientific knowledge such as that required if working with rockets. 
   Anyhoo, I ran into an interesting bit of info last night that’s spookily missing in/on our media.
   You’re probably familiar with that pharma outfit Pfizer, right? That would be one of the outfits that got a chemi cocktail to us in record time to combat co-co. Seems they’ve also been marketing a ‘well tested’ smoking cessation drug for a lot o’ years so the item of interest was? Well, it seems it’s a stop smoking aid that may contain an impurity that could give you cancer. Bummer eh?
“The health benefits of stopping smoking outweigh the cancer risk from the nitrosamine impurity in varenicline.” 
   Hay, I’ve heard similar arguments to that used right recently regards those quickly cobbled together chemi cocktails for co-co. But, hay, we should trust big pharma now, right?  Because?
   Let’s have a break. This music wot’s below is  longer that my usual musical interludes but if you’re stuck for something a tad different for listening to this evening while looking round the Innerwebs, try it. Who knows, you may even enjoy it.


Quote;  ??

“Eat. Sleep. Ping-Pong. Repeat.”


Doonhamer said...

Sounds very like French Newfoundland music. Probably for a good, obvious reason.
Thanks for finding that.

Mac said...

Glad you enjoyed that. Great music with a little of everything combining to make a great sound that just says, 'Play me again. And again.'