15 Oct 2020

And Then A Break...

Well, so, you’re probably wondering where I’ve got to. Then again, probably not. I’ll let you know anyway.

First up was cutting back the roses. This entailed three mornings cutting and three afternoons cleaning and placing plasters on copious numbers of hand, arm and leg wounds.

That done I did a little pointing on a wall at the bottom of the garden and may I sing the praise of a product I’ve only recently discovered. And that would be? Quick set pointing cement in a tube; applied using a silicon gun. Oh the joy of saying goodbye to the days of mixing one of that and two or three of the other then adding water. Damn! Too much water. Add a little more of that – whoa! Too much! Add water. Repeat ‘till you have enough mixed to point a high rise.

In other news I see that Co-Co-1984 has removed a little more freedom. Nip nip. Seems these ‘measures’ are to continue protecting the NHS, blessed be its name, and also the aged and the vulnerable. Amidst all the governments projections I see no mention of how many of the aged and vulnerable they plan on killing this winter owing to their looney energy policies that make the price of heating a home quite exorbitant for a country sitting on huge supplies of cheap coal and gas. All locked-up to keep Thumbelina, blessed be her name, off their backs.

Quote;  Mark Twain.

“Cold! If the thermometer had been an inch longer we'd have frozen to death.”

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