9 Jul 2020

And Then Cheap Nosebag...

Is it August yet? Is it too early to get booked up for that half price nosebag as promised by that Rishi Sad-sack fellow? I do believe we’ll give that offer a pass when you consider the hoops required to hop through to get a bite.

These eateries only have a slack hand full of tables, right? And I believe you have to check and book online. Assuming you get a table at a meal time, It promises to be a sad affair at a lonely table – some places, I believe, have surrounded each table with Perspex, being served by waiters wearing welders masks. That is, of course, after answering a few questions at the door and being checked out to ensure you’re tagged and tracked.

You see how they’re softening us up with more and more establishments scanning incoming folk with one of they remote thermometers? You wait. After the vaccine  becomes compulsory, to be injected along with your tracker chip, that thermometer will be swapped out for a bit o’ kit, similar in appearance, that will be read your chip, upload data to the Billy Ten mainframe and download and install software updates.

Something this way, controlling comes.

Quote;  Stewart Stafford.

“Spies are, by nature and necessity, pathological liars who strive to make their endgames justify their meanness.”

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