8 Jul 2020

And Then A Bit O’ Budget...

Well, so, there you have it. Seem we’re going to save the world by eating out at half price for three days a week in August. That’ll work.

Anyhoo, it’s another wasted opportunity to kick-off my breathtakingly simple method for getting this country going. It does though give me the excuse of posting my financial stimulus plan from before. My apologies for the repetitiveness of this post. For those who’ve missed a few weeks school and are depressed, according to the news, because they don’t have a laptop and/or an Inter-Web connection so can’t do their school work, that simply means over and over. Knowing kids find it hard to do their school work without a computer says so much about where we are these days does it not. Probably not a reference book of any description in the house. A dictionary? I joke. They could, of course, ask their mum or dad. Say wot now? Oh, right...

   While visiting another dimension earlier today, I thought of a cunning plan. A cunning and childish plan. So childish be the cunning plan that it may well baffle the boys and girls of the Lower Sixth.
   What do the boys and girls up there continually tell us all down her? That school children have no wish to learn. Our workers have no wish to advance. Our benefits system is too generous. Nobody wants to 'put out' to 'get on'.
   So lets simplify things by having just two tax rates, say 15% and 30%. The object of the game would then be to get a job and really put out and fight for promotion so's to break through the high tax bracket.
   'What?' I hear you say, 'Who want's to work hard just to pay more tax?' And therein lies the rub of this cunning plan. A total reverse of the system, see? Because it'll be the low paid wot pay 30% tax!! Study, work hard and fight for advancement to get that rise and get to keep more of your money as your income increases and you break into the 15% tax bracket.
   There you have it; now that's what I call rewarding effort with an incentive to achieve and keep on achieving so you don't risk getting bumped back to the 30% zone.
   Kids studying like fury to get all the knowledge and good sustificates, I say again, good sustificates, they can to give themselves the best chance out there in wonderland and minimise their time paying 30% Tax.
Workers giving it their all to win promotion or working all the overtime there is to get into the 15% tax bracket thus getting to keep more of their money to spend on stuff. Stuff that needs to be built, creating more openings and overtime for other people building stuff, creating more people in the 15% bracket giving them more money to spend on stuff, creating more demand, creating more openings and overtime for stuff builders.
   Win, win, win out there in the world while our educational standards reach dizzying heights of excellence by demand.

Quote;  Austin O'Malley.

"In levying taxes and in shearing sheep it is well to stop when you get down to the skin."

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