16 May 2020

And Then, A Weekend...

Fine weather and house arrest eased to allow a little car travel. Oh joy! How about a drive to the seaside? Say wot now? We’re not wanted at the seaside and won’t be welcome? Stay away they say?  I’ll sit here and sulk than; is that what they want? Sitting an’ sulking ain't for me and her I’m afraid. Neither is it for her and I by the way, so off we went with the governments words ringing in our heads: Stay alert! Here’s another oldy that never gets old.
Within the strangest people
Truth can find the strangest home
So meet me in the village
Where all we idiots go


It was a very pleasant drive and super alert, as instructed, walk with only one moment of concern when we spotted something ahead but as we cautiously approached  it became obvious it was just common flue so  a quick step to the left and we were past it. Thus, against all the MSM odds, we made it home in one piece. Now that was a tad strange as we started the day as two pieces; those being her and me – or I.

Don’t know about you but we’re just going to hold our course and keep haulin’...
When your guidin' star's in cloudy skies
Keep haulin', keep haulin'
You'll find your way to the bright sunrise
Keep haulin' boys


Quote;  Erol Ozan.

“Some beautiful paths can't be discovered without getting lost.”

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Ripper said...

Looks like the backlash is beginning, some Italian politician is calling for the arrest of Bill Gates.