28 May 2020

And Then A Queue...

I see that some non essential{?} shops will be allowed{?} to open again very shortly. I also note that these shops will have to have unsociable distancing thingies in place. You know wot that means don’t you? Even a small parade of assorted retail outlets, banks, post offices an’ such, only allowing a couple or so folk in at any one time, is going to create queues on the sidewalks. These queues will very soon be intermingled, cheek to jowl, however wide the sidewalk is. Plot lost. Again.

Track and Trace? Oh joy!! Drop everything and get  singed up, right? Yeah, right.

And these swabs so many folk seem so keen to have and the government seem so keen for us all to have at some time, wot’s the betting that the opportunity, while checking for flue, to extract DNA at the same time and stuff it on a database is just too great a chance to miss? Never to be used of course. But, just in case...

Quote;  Philip K. Dick.

“There will come a time when it isn't, 'They're spying on me through my phone' anymore. Eventually, it will be, 'My phone is spying on me'.”

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