1 May 2020

And Then, Just A Test...

And that test would be? Well, after composing the last post – did I just hear a bugle? - using, as always, Open Live Writer, I found it wouldn’t post to Blogger and the list of reasons given By Google was too long and convolutedly technical to be bothered with never mind trying to understand.

In the end, I just copied it to Blogger Draft, reformatted it, re-linked the videos and other site links then posted from there. No biggie – just more moves. Lets see if this post gets through today.

Addendumadodad: See? Straight through today with nothing changed.

Thursday evenings down the street wot I live on haven’t exactly boomed out during the accepted weekly happy clappy time, but it seemed exceptionally quiet last night. So quiet, I was tempted to walk to the front gate and take a look. However, it crossed my mind that the street Look-At-Me’dia captain my have organized all citizens to rendezvous in the local park and I’d be caught on CCTV as not doing as instructed at the appointed time and thus get reported.

Quote;  ???

“Computers are like air conditioners. They work fine until you start opening windows.”



Ripper said...

More happy clappy here last night. Didn't go down to well though, some utter bastard was running a bike and drowned everything out, then the sodding cats joined in.

Mac said...

You did, in the interest of community cohesion, turn yourself in at 20:15, right? With a dead cat under each arm...