22 May 2020

And Then I Understood...

You may have picked up, via the news channels, that recent retail figures are pretty dire. Thankfully, the MSM have managed to locate many, many monetary and retail analysts and experts to explain, every fifteen minutes, exactly wot’s going on.

If I’ve got this right, with most shops being closed, potential customers can’t get in to spend money. Also, wot shops are open haven’t seen many customers owing to the customer base being told to stay at home. I hope I’ve got that right and a very big thank you to the MSM for explaining the obvious to me all bloody day.

On the subject of if schools should reopen, again, thanks to the TV news showing us many primary school classrooms, my mind went back to the early school days for us old folk. I’m pretty sure that from day one – first test; write your name - we were at our own desk and the days was filled with learning to read write and handle the basics of mathematics – without a calculator. Ten new words every week, remember? Learn wot they mean and how to spell them. There WILL be a test. Mental arithmetic test every day, remember?

The classrooms now look like preschool playrooms full of the stuff we had to imagine we were playing with/on during brake time. That usually resulted in a whacked elbow or a knee with no skin. Lesson learned...

Anyhoo, how long has teaching being going on in playrooms rather than classrooms? For a while I’m guessing thus the need to repeatedly explain that if a shop’s shut, it can’t take money.

Quote;  Voltaire.

“To succeed in the world it is not enough to be stupid, you must also be well-mannered.”

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