28 Mar 2020

And Then, All’s Quiet Out There...

It’s even quieter out there today and one can only wonder wot the electrickery load is with everybody indoors. A load that’ll increase when all those new ventilators get plugged in. Pardon? Oh, please don’t tell me they’re going to run on solar.

Anyhoo, all these ventilators being built by the vacuum cleaner makers, if the patient doesn’t recover, will they just empty with a slide? Was that bad taste? I haven’t got a good taste for anything that’s going on right now so wot the hay. Wot was the other one? Oh right; they said all you need to wear to be safe shopping was a face mask and glover. Trust me, don’t fall for that one; you’ll freeze to death...

It’s Ripper again ripping into the MSM and Look-At-Me-Media folk. Can’t fault a word other than hahahahahahaha which had the Spel Chequer foxed and no, I’m pretty sure you’re not alone but, as with that climate change thingy, you mustn't be seen to be straying off the ‘accepted’ path.

  Is it only me that can see a large amount of hypocrisy, selfishness and virtue signalling going on during this lockdown? Firstly those unlawful roadblocks where the Police have found a way to extort money with menaces, without having to do any actual work. Still, a 'quiet word' should fix that, hopefully before the street riots begin.
   Then there's the TV - every so often we get an 'announcement' that says the same every advert break of every day, in a manner befitting Orwell's 1984. The CMO looks and sounds vaguely familiar, something which racked my brain until the name came to me - Clement Freud.
   I hear he has it now too, so not much point in being touted an authority on the subject eh? I guess the upside is that his face has disappeared from the announcements, making them a bit (not much) more bearable. Of course I would wish the guy a speedy and full recovery, after saying this - Ahaha hahahahahahaha!
   Also enter, straight out of the woodwork, those 'what about us? go on, donate a tenner' charities, this time Shelter, who apparently have no money but that doesn't stop them from taking advantage of a crisis and can afford TV advert campaigns.
   Then there was the nationwide handclapping last night. Can't speak for everywhere but in my neighbourhood it was just an excuse to stand on the doorstep and actually interact at a distance with each other. I didn't bother as I expected the Police to turn up to break up a meeting of more than two, and anyway I'm the only one not going stir crazy with kids. I ask, what possible actual use is this to NHS workers? And what about all the other workers who are as much in the front line? Yes its a nice gesture but of no practical help - "We don't care if you have no PPE but we'll stand on our doorsteps and give you the clap" Bloody hell.
   And all those volunteers, you can see the thought bubbles - "Yesss!! I can dump the kids on the spouse and get out of the house at last!"
   Before I get the twitter mobs, this rant was written tongue in cheek, and anyone who thinks I would apologise in any way can do one.

Let’s end this locked-up day five of – think of a big number - with a bit o’ Monty Python. A nice touch from Ripper; cast your mind back to that EU referendum thingy and that nice little boy Dave Cummerbund  running away after the vote. Just substitute ‘Robin’ for ‘Dave’ and sing along. Well spotted that man!


Quote;  Criss Jami.

“Just because something isn't a lie does not mean that it isn't deceptive. A liar knows that he is a liar, but one who speaks mere portions of truth in order to deceive is a craftsman of destruction.”


Unknown said...

To see the current (sic) electricity load go to:
David T.

Mac said...

Unknown or David T.
Thanks for that - worth keeping an eye on.

David T said...

Damm, forgot to add my name.

Thanks for a great blog.

Mac said...

David T.,
No problem and thanks for your kind words regards looking through the Foggy Mirror. Appreciated.