1 Jan 2020

And Then A Fire...

If you watch the TV news here in the UK you may have missed the news regarding the fires down Australia the way. I joke, it’s relentless is it not, and as tragic as it is, I do wish they’d do some reporting instead of beating us about the head with climate change. Stuff like not doing any clearing and backburning in these areas owing to green policies. Stuff like that; you know, ‘reporting’. Does warm weather alone really set fire to trees? Asking for a dumb friend. I also seem to remember seeing somewhere that several folk were being investigated on suspicion of deliberately starting some of the fires.

Anyhoo, it all did stir something in the dark recesses of my minute memory bank and here it is from back in the eighties. It was the burning bit wot tripped my trigger but I sense the  lyrics are possibly a tad deeper than bush fires...
By-the-by, I’d better say bu-by as it’s now 2020 and that is it. Any minute now and it’s all over, right? You paying attention Greta Thumbelina?
Whoa! Sorry girl.

Quote;  Laura Esquivel.

“Each of us is born with a box of matches inside us but we can't strike them all by ourselves.”


Ripper said...

Jeez Mac, I knew what those song lyrics were about in the 80's, but it was too early back then to link things. There was only the up/coming Greens (not sure if the party existed at the time but they were present). You see, this whole mess was started by Thatcher - there was an energy crisis caused by the miner's strike and oil prices/unrest in the Middle East. Therefore Thatcher saw the only way forward as being nuclear. At the time there was a batshit crazy Swedish guy who was saying that CO2 in the atmosphere had a direct effect on global temperature. Thatcher took advantage of that to promote nuclear, and she commissioned a scientific study to come up with the desired outcome. That played right into the hands of the tree huggers and the rest is history.

Of course I didn't join the dots until recently, when I saw a Dispatches documentary a few years ago. If you have an hour to spare and you enjoy a good piss boil, its well worth watching if you haven't already seen it. Its from 2007 but still as relevant today.


Mac said...

Thanks for that. Front and centre this evening buddy.