29 Aug 2019

And Then, It’s Only A Word...

Well, so, I’m, like,  sitting here... pardon? No, over here... wondering how many times in the past two days all those media and remainer folk have had to change their knotted and soiled panties because of the use of one word. And that word would be? Prorogue of course; a word that, until yesterday, I’m betting barely five percent of the population had ever heard, only two percent of that five knew the meaning of the word and barely one percent  could pronounce it properly or spell it; but suddenly, here we all are in triggered outrage central.

It’s also a tad amusing to see those folk who were recently demanding the government should be shut down and a government of the unelectable should be allowed to run things from their bedrooms and attics are hyperventilating and squealing the loudest at the prospect of the elected government shutting government down. It’s a funny old world.

All-in-all, a joy to watch.

Quote;  Ambrose Bierce.

"Politics, noun. A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage."

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