13 Aug 2019

And Then, A Cold Morning...

Where I be, I awoke today to an un-August like seven degrees C. Quite a drop from yesterdays nineteen. Then, coffee to hand, I checked the news and noted one of our universities is planning to ban beef burgers and other beefy comestibles from its campus.
”Prof Frances Corner — who became college warden in April — said it was impossible to ignore a call for action from students who ‘care passionately about the environment’.”
April fool?? And when I saw her picture; the good professor looks exactly as I’d imagined she would. As I’ve said many times, these folk are so damn smart they can tell you the cubic capacity of a jar of pickles with just a glance but have absolutely no idea how to get the lid off.

Anyhoo, hell, well done that university I say, and if just the announcement has caused such a dramatic drop in temperature, imagine wot it’ll be like when they’re free of those evil burgers.

However, unlike this university**, one of our bastions of knowledge, learning and fierce debate, I, dumber un a rock, chose to give it a moments thought. It seems cows gas is terrible for the climate, plus they need too much grass so we should all eat far less - or no - beef. Along with this eco belief is the cruelty to cows angle as espoused by veggies and vegans. If you follow this through though, I see trouble ahead.

If we stop eating beef wot will we do with all those spare cows? There’ll obviously be no need to kill ‘em so they’ll be free to breed and so rapidly increase in numbers and thus be eating ever more grass and pumping out  ever more planet killing gas without any hinderance from humans, right? An ever increasing number of grassy and gassy machines.

No killing of cows? Now that should make the veggies and vegans super happy. But wot of the eco loons? Wot’s their plan? Mass slaughter of the now redundant herds?  Would this herald the start of a veggie vs. eco warrior war? Add the animal rights folk to the mix... As I typed above, I see trouble ahead. Another case of not thinking things through to avoid unintended consequences.

** Does this university have a science department? Do they have any enquiring minds or just the brainwashed product of our education system? With just half an enquiring mind, you’d have thought they’d have a little knowledge of the suns influence on our planets climate and could even have found this – spookily ignored by the MSM: Winter is Coming – Super Grand Solar Minimum.

Quote;  H.L. Mencken.

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed — and hence clamorous to be led to safety — by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

“The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false face for the urge to rule it.”


Ed P said...

Much of the CO2 released in fields of grass comes from bacteria and beetles. The cows just happen to contain quite a lot of the bacteria. But remove the cows and the grass will still be digested by the little critters.
It's a good thing that CO2 is not the problem - can't say the same for Vegans - as plants use it up growing bigger and better. Were it even possible to reduce global CO2 levels by human (in)action, world crop yields would tumble. As advances in horticulture and hybrids have increased yields to cope with population increase, it's not the cows, but people, who would have to perish for this misjudged and insane drive to "sustainability".

Mac said...

Ed P,
Thank you for that; a good point succinctly put and yet another inconvenient fact that will never rear its off message head on the MSM.