9 May 2019

And Then, Still Cluttering The Place Up...

Sorry for the absence but once you break from this Blogging thingy, it’s quite liberating not having to have to formulate a bunch of words on a screen almost every afternoon. But I promised to pop-in occasionally so please consider this as one of they pops.

Health-wise? Okay, but still many doctor, nurse and scanner fellows to visit and let’s not forget all the blood given to everyone I visit. I won’t be surprised if the checkout folk at supermarkets start asking for a bit o’ my blood.

So much news, so little time. The main points of little interest for me? The frantic burst of wall-to-wall coverage of all sorts of strange folk shouting, lying down and gluing themselves to the roads because of changes in the weather. Seems governments are more willing to listen to kids now. Today, it’s flooding owing to rising temperatures. Coincidentally, the weather forecasts then report wot a cold May it’s been.

The really big news that had the MSM hyperventilating was the run-up and birth of a baby to a couple all of us have never met and never will meet. This climaxed with the naming of said baby. Archie. Seriously? King Archie? Anyhoo, does that name not leave the door open for years of MSM speculation as to who {whom?} will be educating Archie? I’m guessing Peter Brough is no longer available... Yeah, I know; you need to be of an age but to help you out, Peter Brough was a ventriloquist who had a very popular radio show way back in time. Yup, a ventriloquist on the radio.


Quote;  Chris Gardner.

“Baby steps count, too, as long as you're moving forward.”


A K Haart said...

It could get worse, King Archie could identify as Queen Archie.

Mac said...

A K Haart,
This is quite possible. In fact the possibilities are now without limit. I guess it’ll all depend on the kid managing to get through the ‘I’m a little teapot’ phase.