21 Feb 2019

And Then, A Touch Of Gas...

This country of ours gets more confusing by the day. No, really it does. I’m sure you’ve seen the ‘news’ today with the nutters insisting gas for heating and cooking ‘must’ be phased out by 2025 in all newbuilds in ‘our fight’ against those dreaded carbon emissions.
Gas hobs and boilers could be banned from new homes within six years to meet carbon emissions targets.
Property developers would not be allowed to connect new-builds to the gas grid after 2025, official guidance says.
The proposals, unveiled today, would put an end to new gas radiators, boilers and cooking hobs.

First they came for the newbuilds...
They’re a tad vague as to where the added demand on electrickery will come from. Wind and solar? Not a hope so I’m guessing, going on a second press release below which, unlike the wall-to-wall reporting the BBC is giving the above, is spookily missing at time of typing, it’ll be gas. Bit of a bummer eh?
Energy giant Ineos said drill tests show readings in one area alone for enough shale gas to keep the whole country supplied for 29 years.

During the winter months the MSM are continually reminding us that many old folk have to make the hard choice between heating or eating because of cost. If the green way is no gas just wind and solar electrickery, coupled with the ‘drive’ for electric cars, I envisage working families having to choose between cooking or charging the car so as to get to work the next day. Hay, never mind the cost;  just get it charged before the next blackout.

I’m sure our joined-up thinking betters have got a firm grip on this no gas utilities nuttery and will be having a quiet word with the Committee on Climate Change, right? No? Oh what a tangled web they weave when first they practise to deceive...

Quote;  Ray Bradbury.

“Oh God, the terrible tyranny of the majority. We all have our harps to play. And it's up to you to know with which ear you'll listen.”

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