5 Nov 2018

And Then They Came For The Snowman...

Ran into a couple of ‘news’ items today that reaffirm my belief that the country is finished. If not finished then, for sure, in its final death throes. The blue bit below is from this piece:
   “Dr Tricia Cusack of Birmingham University; ...denounces the snowman as sexist (he's a man) and inherently racist (he's always white), is a prime example: "The snowman's masculinity, and its ritual location in the semi-public space of garden or field, help to substantiate an ideology upholding a gendered spatial/social system, marking women's proper sphere as the domestic/private and men's as the commercial/public."”
Assuming that’s even English, it confirms for me that these people are truly nuts. And what’s frightening is they no longer feel the need to hide in the shadows.

There is just a glimmer of hope though. Possibly there’s been a cunning escape and identity theft and the real Doctor Cusack is, as I type, frantically shouting from some padded cell trying to convince the nurses that she is, indeed, the real Doctor and an utter nutter got away.

That is it, right? Sorry to disappoint, there’s more and that would be from the Mind Bending Corporation, you may know it as the BBC, and this blue bit is from here:
“The BBC have sparked a fierce debate after a new children's TV show used the term "snowpeople" instead of snowmen.
   “Catie Munnings, 20, who presents Catie's Amazing Machines on CBeebies, said during a recent episode: "Snow is amazing. You get to build snowpeople and go sledging."”

Hay you two loons and your enablers, it’s always been a snowman  and it’ll always be a snowman. Sadly, for some, snow’s white as well; get over yourselves or go build a coalman.

You see that slight rise in the road ahead? Just over that rise is the ban on the forming of any and all snow into lumps so as not to offend those of other, or confused, or undetermined gender and those that don’t identify as ol’ whitey. However, if someone identifies as a snowman... We’ll get back to you on that one.

Anyhoo, do you see how the MBC has tripped into a trap of their own making? MBC girly gushing about the fun to be had with snow while the MBC overall stance, that must be pushed at every opportunity, is that man made global warming is happening and will make snow here history.

I guess there’s a case to be made for a yearly nutters conference where such as the anti tobacco, anti this and anti fat, climate end of times folk and all the other fringe nutters get together and thrash out the nuttery to be perused through the following year and agree a line of attack so’s not to keep trampling over nuttery with contradictory nuttery that just makes them all look totally nuts.

Quote;  Vesta M. Kelly.

“Snowflakes are one of nature's most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together.”


Grandad said...

I suppose that snowballs are out too?

Mac said...

Damn!! That's good but very annoying! Why the hell did I not think of including that?

Elwyn said...

Nice one Grandad, tried thinking of another one, but nah, cant beat it.

Ripper said...

Mac - about the term 'snowpeople' - are these not snowpeople? At least only one of them in the picture can be referred to as a 'snowman'.


Mac said...

I agree and I’m still kicking myself for not thinking of that.
I wish Grandad had posted that comment before I’d clicked on the 'publish' button. Oh, hang on...

Mac said...

Nice one! Man, the perpetually offended over here would have fits seeing any of those in gardens. And heart attacks seeing any of these;


Ripper said...

Ah, well, I suppose I won't be hanging my balls on the tree this year then.

Ripper said...

And while we are talking about the terminally offended, watch out for Poundland's Christmas adverts, featuring the 'Elf on the Shelf'..


Mac said...

Mine aren't shiny enough for the tree.
I'd forgotten that little Poundland devil. Bad boy!
You could always elf yourself of course;