18 Oct 2018

And Then A Mystery...

Seems that Brexit thingy isn’t going too well with all kinds of folk saying we should have yet more votes with a view to staying in the EU as all us leave voters didn’t have a scooby what we were voting for.

Well, I for one did and I knew wot we’d be ‘sacrificing’ but on the off chance I didn’t, that young Cammer-Cowered sent me a leaflet, costing nine million dabs, stating quite clearly wot we’d be leaving. In fact I believe everyone got a copy; not just me. Then, when the vote went against his wishes, in true cowardly form, he threw his toys out of his pram then turfed himself out as well.

What’s so mysteriously hard now? How many times have you been in a gastro pub or such, had your meal, risen to leave only to be approached by twenty odd staff members questioning you as to why you’re leaving, how many napkins you’ve used? Did you overuse the condiments? Will you please pay for two more puddings as those folk over there would like one but can’t afford them. Oh, and a prawn cocktail for that chap, okay? And just in case you pass by this way in the future, please pay for two more meals now. Say wot? You want to take your coats with you? That’ll be extra. And before you leave, would you kindly go and sit over there by the fan for a few more hours while we count the cutlery. Thank you very big.

Does that happen? No? Right. You enjoy – or not – your meal, pay your bill, proffer tips as you feel necessary, don your outer garments, head for the door and leave. You really don’t give it no never mind where they get their meal ingredients as it will make not one iota of difference to your own purchasing preferences and meal preparations.

So Mrs May-be-even-more-useless-than-we-thought, stop pretending you’re an actress, stop looking at the door as there’s nobody there; that loud knocking noise is us in here wanting out so get real, open it and bravely lead us through and out.

Some hope eh?

Quote;  Viktor Orbán.

“They want to dissolve Europe. They want to take away our own life and change it to something which is not our life.”

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