25 Aug 2018

And Then, Nothing...

I have nothing to type today so I’ve wasted your time doing all that clicky stuff to get here just to discover I had nothing to type. More importantly, I’ve, like, totally wasted my time firing everything up just to type the fact I’ve nothing to type.

Anyhoo, now we’re all here may I state my delight that plastic shopping bags are doubling in price to ten pence a pop and the charge will be extended to all retail outlets, large and small. That, along with the long overdue ban on plastic drinking straws, should finally get that global warming - or whatever - under mans total control once and for all.

Wot? You believe it’s just another government money grab? Oh ye of little faith. Please look around, the bag tax was only announced yesterday and today, where I be, the temperature has dropped close to ten degrees. If that isn’t a measure of the success of the price increase I don’t know wot is. Well done our glorious leaders I say.

If you bob in here tomorrow, for reasons best known to yourself, and I’m a no-show it’ll be because I had nothing to type about again.

Well, so, not much typing but all is not lost so if you’re still here, how about a quick shanty... Pardon? No, you scanned that way too quickly; the word is ‘shanty’ okay?
Be warned; the chorus line can be a bit of an earworm.


Quote;  Mark Twain.

“Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company.”

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