5 Aug 2018

And Then, Hide A Band...

I note with interest that an obscure band by the name of Rebellions were due to play at some sort of music festival at Troon. Then the band released the toon below. Guess wot? Troon announced, with regret, that Rebellions will not be appearing after all.

Well done Troon, with one oh so smart action you’ve catapulted a little known band from relative obscurity into the spotlight. And also shed a little more light on Mr Robinson’s plight. These folk just don’t get it do they? With every move they make they just turn-up the temperature below the pressure cooker.

Anyhoo, as those that believe they can bury wot don’t suit them, here it is in all its punkishness. Oh, Timidadians, don’t even think about risking a curiosity click, okay?


Quote;  Patrick Jones.

“The nail that sticks out farthest gets hammered the hardest.”

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