1 Aug 2018

And Then, He’s Out...

So Tommy Robinson, whom the MSM always helpfully point out is the former leader of the EDL, is free. For now anyway as it seems he’s only out on bail.

Never mind, it gave the media a chance to interview one hyper, super, far, far right Tommy supporter and several of those screeching about racism. Why don’t these ace, ‘seekers of the truth’ reporters ever ask these folk wot race Mr Robinson is campaigning against? Their answers would shed a lot of light on how misguided those ‘don’t let racism divide us’ folk actually are. But it ain't going to happen is it? Such is the way of the world we now live in.

While on the subject of ace reporters, have you spotted the new{?} BBC ‘reporter’ yet? My attention was half in and half out of the TV a while ago when some guy sitting in the studio announced, ‘Now over to Chi Chi who’s standing in a street.’ Say who now? Chi Chi? Now that’s an attention grabbing name but imagine my disappointed when it transpired Chi Chi was young lady and not, as I was excitedly expecting, a giant talking panda.

Going by the level of actual ‘reporting’ it’s quite possible I’d have learned a tad more from a giant talking panda. Even if it only spoke Pandanese...

Quote; Coco Chanel.

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”

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