16 May 2018

And Then A Break...

I was about to start typing the other late afternoon when that Windows thingy went into download  mode and then that never ending install process. Yes, I could’ve carried on typing, and I tried, but owing to the slickness of Bill’s install process every key stroke was ridiculously slow so I just sat back and waited and about four hours later I was good to go but had lost all interest in all things computing for the rest of that day and the day after. Wot was I originally going to type? No idea.

Note: After this update, don’t forget to check through your Privacy settings as, in my case anyway, a goodly few settings had been reset thus allowing the mothership to come on in whenever it wanted.

On completion, there was a link to a Microsoft page where the ‘new features’ were listed. Spookily, below was another lengthy list of ‘known issues’ which means we can look forward to several months of  ‘bug-fix’ downloads and installs which invariably lead to further bug-fixes for the problems the first bug-fixes created.

So it seems, amazingly, that the man who purportedly earns twenty-three thousand dollars per minute – I type again, per minute - still can’t assemble a team who can produce a product and test it to destruction ‘till it works as it should before throwing it out here. Imagine if it was a four door car they’d designed and had ten thousand built then one of the designers said, “Oh ho, it’s only got three doors and it looks like we put the steering wheel in the boot...”

Anyhoo, to date I, myself and me, remain unaware of any changes. Apparently, you can make the File Explorer background black now. How exciting is that then? However, that wonderous ‘feature’ aside, my spreadsheet still works, I can still create documents and type this Blog in OLW so, other than fiddling with some privacy settings, I’m not sure wot was going on for four hours. Yes, I know, go Linux. It’s a recurring thought, but... Too old and too ‘invested’ into Windows to change now? Probably. And I just love the  fact that File Explorer now has the option of a ‘dark theme’. Four hours to paint it black?

In other news, I caught a chap on the radio recounting his days as an army cadet and the time he dodged a mornings training. At days end the cadets were assembled for debrief and before being dismissed the sargent approached him and barked into his face that he hadn’t seen him that morning during camouflage training. His reply? “Thank you Sargent.”

Quote;  Dave Barry.

“Buying the right computer and getting it to work properly is no more complicated than building a nuclear reactor from wristwatch parts in a darkened room using only your teeth.

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