11 May 2018

And Then Another Ban...

It seems that mayor fellow down in the smoke has had to put his tackling of the rampant and escalating knife and gun crime on the streets of our Capital on the backburner so he can focus all his attention on the more important task of banning adverts for fast food on London Transport. Apart from anything else, isn’t that cutting off quite a tidy revenue stream that could go towards tackling street crime? Stupid thought I know.

This ban is hot on the heels of him banning adverts of scantily clad young ladies suggesting to passers-by that they should get ‘body ready’ for summer. You spot a pattern here? Alcohol next? What else is there out there that  our newest, bestest ever friends don’t like?

Anyhoo, I always thought adverts were  just ‘mind nudge’ suggestions. I didn’t realise  they were instructions that had to be obeyed.

You wanna bet that in a heart-beat the usual slack hand-full of Public Health suspects will be asking – nay, demanding – the government do likewise on all transport throughout the country? Then, while the burger’s hot, quickly move on to get a total ban on all TV and billboard adverts?

Remember when it was just a voluntary smoking ban in places where food was being served with suggestions of slippery slopes being laughed off? Remember that?  All I can say is if there’s anything left out there that you enjoy, may I humbly suggest you enjoy it while you’re still allowed to because, for sure, they’ll be coming for your enjoyment sooner than you think. And it doesn’t matter how simple and innocent that enjoyment is, someone, somewhere already has it in their sights. It’s a blue do in an already grey world.

All this typing of food reminds me – and I’m probably late to the table, or lap as it is these days – but the next time you decide on Chinese takeaway come teatime, assuming you haven’t already given it a go, try the crispy shredded beef in chilli and garlic source. Boy that’s good. From the takeaway close to me it’s good anyway. Damn good. Below is a stock photo that’s as close to that wot I had as makes no never-mind.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. However, if you don’t like beef or chilli or garlic you probably won’t enjoy it. And if you’re a vegetarian, you’ll hate it so just go straight for the crispy yoghurt option...      

Pardon? Did I take it with chips or rice you ask? Please, give your head a shake; chips! As previously quoted, rice is nice if you’re really hungry and fancy two thousand of something.

Quote;  Ted Nugent. 

“My idea of fast food is a mallard.”

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