6 Apr 2018

And Then A Ponder...

I’ve just seen the sad news of the first deaths that are apparently a direct result of that recent alleged chemical attack. That would be Nash Van Drake, a cat, and two unnamed guinea pigs. Pretty professional ‘hit’ then eh? And why haven’t the guinea pigs been named then? Were they in there under deep cover you think?

However, it’s the other ‘news’ that gave me pause to ponder. The news of the ever escalating number of knife and gun deaths amongst the yoof.

Now assuming the assassination attempt was indeed the work of Vlad the lad and his gang, one has to wonder how dumb they are. The planning must’ve gone on for some time and the delivery method for this ‘deadly’ substance kind o’ tricky, right? Plus Vlad the lad must’ve know he’d be in the spotlight first rattle out of the box.

If it really was those pesky Ruskies and they were paying attention to the UK news, as I’m fairly confident they are, I would’ve thought the way to go, as ‘confirmed’ by that Cressida Dork police person, would’ve been to put a call out, via social media, which they’re allegedly good at ‘manipulating’, to all the fellows over here along the lines of, ‘Yo, bruvs, that ol’ dude Sergei Scratchcard’s planin’ to make moves on yo Lonnon spaces innit.’ Then just sit back and wait a while. The resulting incident would just  get added to one of the ever lengthening lists of either gang related or aggravated burglary crime statistics and the instigators would remain squeaky clean. You feel me blood?

Even I, dumber un a rock, sure wouldn’t pick the option that shouts, ‘ME! ME! ME!’

As it is, we have the World thrown into turmoil while the original target is making a rapid recovery but the sad deaths of Nash Van Drake and two guinea pigs. Will the loss of these three innocent pets warrant one of they tea-light and teddy vigil thingies I wonder?

Quote;  Quinn Loftis.

“I will get your some clothes, a sword, and your very own assassin to join you on your quest."
"Ooh, just what I've always wanted. A man whose job title had the word ‘ass’ in it not once, but two times.”

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