30 Mar 2018

And Then It’s Easter...

My heading out today coincided with the arrival of a young lady at the neighbours. As we passed on our respective paths I offered a fond ‘Good afternoon’ being careful not to include any pronouns that may have caused outrage. The young ladies rejoinder caused me to cough discreetly and repeat the greeting three octaves up. This caused her to increase speed and rush indoors. As I drove off I realised she had responded not with ‘Higher’ but ‘Hiya’ which I believe is young-speak for hello. How sadly old is that one then? Sorry.

Anyhoo, Happy Easter to you all. Enjoy the long weekend and here’s a link to a bit of a toon for all our Labour Party friends. Enjoy.

With regards to the above, and in view of recent revelations, will that Chuck-a-butty person, the lady who recently did such a thorough and searching investigation into those goings on in her party and found absolutely nothing untoward whatsoever and thus got herself rewarded by being elevated to become Baroness Chuck-a-butty, now be up for investigation her good self? One wonders if the lift she was elevated in also has a button marked Basement Car Park...

Quote;  Sunday Adelaja.

“To automatically be promoted from one class to another without any serious self-discipline, and self-improvement is a cheap life.”

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