19 Mar 2018

And Then It Didn’t Happen...

Last week a ‘far right’ chap, who wanted to speak at Speakers Corner, was refused entry to the UK. On Sunday, one Mr Robinson put his head above the parapet, again, and delivered said speech on the banned chaps behalf. Apparently many thousands braved inclement weather conditions to hear said fellow deliver said speech. Seems the words were well received by the large ‘far right’ gathering. The event must’ve passed without ‘incident’ as, as far as I can ascertain, there’s nary a hint in the MSM that such an event even took place. There’s a shock.

You’d expect a speech made to a huge ‘far right’ audience, starting, “Dear Friends, dear Britons, dear lovers of free speech...” would get a passing mention wouldn’t you. Wouldn’t you? Oh.

After that, and in relation to that noxious nervous gaseous incident, pop along to the on-line home of John Ward, read the piece, close your eyes for an hour and let the words float and form-up then go back and read it again. And again.
Sleep well people.

Quote;  Mike Kiepper.

“For the evil our government does, tinfoil hats are simply not required, and are indeed a detriment.”


Caratacus said...

Mac, you may have noticed my comment on JW's blog ref. Indiana Jones, the tunnel, and a boulder. But after reading that splendid speech (and thank you for highlighting it, by the way) I wonder if I am doing enough. Time for a bit of a ponder, perhaps.

Mac said...

I think you’ll agree that for a goodly while now there’s been an undercurrent of disaffection with the direction of travel our ‘betters’ are steering the country. With the rise of groups such as the Football Lads Alliance and the Veterans Association, the banning from the country of young folk with a leaning to the right and the Sunday rally I believe more and more folk are starting to awake to what’s going on and that undercurrent is slowly but surely becoming a groundswell of dissatisfaction. I can see the dam breaking within a couple of years and the streets of tinder bursting into uncontrollable conflagration. Thus ends the lesson in mixing your metaphors for today...
What can we do? How about For Britain? Although I’ve never been a member or donated to any political party I’m sorely tempted to make a one-off donation to this one even though it will probably mean my name going on some government - Make Life As Awkward As Possible For This Person - sort of list.