16 Sep 2017

And Then, Enough...

Yo! Ma May, you remember saying enough is enough a few – or is that phew? - days ago? Bet now you wish you hadn’t eh? Or did you mean you’d had enough of saying enough is enough? By the way, how did that COBRA meeting thingy go? Was it ginger bisects or custard creams this time?

There was some loon on one of the TV twenty four  hour rolling repeating news channels who actually said he thought things were getting better as there were no deaths this time. That new anthem of ours gets yet more relevant by the hour now.

As a further note, would all professional vigil attendees please stand down. No fatalities; just badly burned people and the TV news folk have all moved on so no cameras to congregate in front of in weepy, cuddly clusters. Just put your vigil ready grab-bag back on top of the wardrobe, check your Intaflora account is still current and stand by your beds to await the next proper outrage. Don’t worry; it’ll probably be along just behind the next really angry government ‘enough-is-enough’ statement.

Quote;  Edward R. Murrow.

“Our major obligation is not to mistake slogans for solutions.”

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