18 Aug 2017

And Then, A levels...

I note the TV has been all over those kids who’ve managed to collect many ‘A’ level exam passes and it’s interesting to note how few of ‘em could string a coherent sentence together without, like, copious use of that, like, ‘like’ word. Let’s give that no never mind and wish them all good luck once they find themselves out in this brave new world.

It was also fascinating to see how the BBC film coverage managed to cram so many successful girls into shot that were wearing old fashioned headscarves. Pardon? It’s called a wot? Oh, right.

Head Rambles has the low-down on the latest BBC abuse of the TV tax and kids with regards to  their ‘program’, No More Boys and Girls. As he says in answer to a comment, “Could someone please stop the planet?  I really want to get off.”
He also has the sad news that the dedicated Blogger after truth, Anna Raccoon, has passed away.

Coincidentally, I made another blunder under the radar of news checking this morning and there was this to add to the ever growing list of sadness.  For the sake of my blood pressure, I really do need to be more selective in wot I read in these ‘enlightened’, nightmarish times. Sadly, I believe it’s only just beginning and we really do need somebody up there at the top to show some testicular fortitude and get a grip of the practitioners of this type of total lunacy right quick.

Exam boards are to change the way they compare the grades of boys and girls to include a category for students who do not identify with either gender.

Confronted with this signage, as shown in the above article, at my age, by the time I’d decoded it I would’ve  probably wet myself. Twice.


Anyhoo, her along the sofa is now the proud owner of a little iPhone and I’ll post later once I’ve played with it a little. Once I figure out how to turn it on that is.

Quote;  Stefan Bergman

“I speak 12 languages. English is the bestest!”

           Pete Seeger.

"Education is when you read the find print; experience is what you get when you don't."

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