17 Aug 2017

And Then, An Apple...

I was stuffing myself on the sofa, eating my curds and whey, when down came a viper and sat down beside me and stole my wallet away.
“I like phone I use for calling far away so now I’d like new phone for everything and say goodbye to little folding phone and old far away phone.”
”No problem. Next time we’re in the supermarket, pick one; there’s a bunch of budget phones out there.” Her expression resulted in me becoming aware of a jingling sound, not too far away, as of alarm bells.
”I’d like an apple...”
”Oh, right! I’ll pass the fruit bow...”
”...phone.” BONG!! Went those damn bells.

Who said slick TV and film product placement doesn’t work? Anyhoo, as we all know, whatever gender you’ve assigned yourself today, reasoning with someone assigned as female, a female who wants something, is fruitless and a pointless waste of weeks of your dwindling time here.

Luckily, she didn’t want one the size of a small TV and after a quick search I found one that suited her every desire. Here I must say that I’m quite excited about this as it’ll give me something new to find my way around and play with while setting it up for her and discovering, for myself, wot all the excitement is about that Apple products generate with the young folk as I’ve never, ever used anything Apple at all. Almost happy daze then. And how sad is that then?

As she’s an international jet setting viper – you seen Snakes On A Plane? – she needs one that’s SIM free and unlocked. I searched and found various retailers wot sell ‘em like that. Investigate further and you find that the phone will instantly lock to the provider of the first SIM inserted. Yes, you can unlock it but it seems that will void any warranty an’ such. Is that of any great importance in these scrappy days? Probably not but get one from an Apple store, or accredited Apple kit seller and, for a few pounds more, probably the cost of an unlock, they come SIM free and remain unlocked so’s you can switch SIM cards at the drop of a provider.

That’s the first Apple lesson learned and so it’s shopping day tomorrow.

Breaking: Seems another van with mental health  problems has run amuck; this time in Spain. T-light and teddy ready?

Quote;  ??

“Today even kids have iPhones. When I was a kid, I felt cool with new pencils.”

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