26 Jul 2017

And Then, Yet More...

And todays lunacy is the announcement that petrol and diesel road transport will be banned by 2040. By ‘banned’ I believe they mean the end of the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles but I’m sure they’ll also slowly make using an ‘old’ one prohibitively expensive.

Tell you wot, in 2040 they’ll have to prise the wheel of my trusty little diesel out of my cold dead hands. Oh, hang on a minute...

This latest head shaker is summed up very simply and put in a shell that recently contained a nut – possibly the nut that made the announcement - over at A Tangled Web. A bit’s below:
Lots of people park at the kerb in suburbs. Can you imagine the mess of spaghetti across the pavement as everyone in the street plugs in at night?
Or, at black o’ dark of a night, pulls your plug and pops it into their car? The fun to be had ripping this ‘plan’ to pieces could run to many volumes could it not?

Remember, his decree has been made by those same nutters who are shutting down electrical power generating plant in favour of windmills.

After a quick Google I did an equally quick Inter-web search which resulted in this bit: At the end of 2012 there were 34.5 million vehicles licensed for use on the roads in Great Britain, of which 28.7 million (83 per cent) were cars. Let’s do something that seems beyond the whit of our betters and pick any percentage you like of those numbers and at the end of the working/commuting day, let’s plug ‘em in to recharge. Man, would you look at that! That’s gone and sucked all the electrickery out o’ the system! We’re dead in the water.

Of course that won’t happen as we already have ‘emergency’ generating pack parks hiding behind high walls in all our cities and towns that’ll fire-up as soon as millions of cars get plugged in and start sucking all the juice out of the system. How cool is that then. And those thousands of reserve generators would be powered by what now? Diesel you say! Whoa, bummer! I guess someone needs to revisit that ol’ drawing board.

Back in the day, with the advent of petrol cars an’ such, did they ban the use of those terrible old polluters, horses? Did they have a horse scrappage scheme? Did they round ‘em all up and shoot ‘em? No? In that case I can see a full circle thingy looming here with folk reverting to the old tried, tested and trusted horse-drawn buggy. A buggy with a fringe on top if you opt for the top of the range model.

On the adding-up side, all those front gardens that have been stoned over for parking will once again be green grazing soak-away spaces for the horse power. There is, of course, a take-away side as well but that would also be a gardeners delight. Even I, as young as I am, can well remember being dispatched to the road by father, with a shovel and a bucket, luckily, to collect the recent traffic ‘exhaust’ for spreading on the garden.

Remind me; when was it that the schools lower third special needs class was allowed out to run the country?

Quote;  J. G. Ballard.

“After being bombarded endlessly by road-safety propaganda it was almost a relief to find myself in an actual accident.”

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