19 Jun 2017

And Then Another...

Here we go again. London again. A white van again. Folk scattered like skittles again. Same-old-same-old.

No! Wait! It’s a tad different this time! Is this ol’ whitey taking our Prime Minister’s words, ‘Enough is enough’ as an instruction? Did he think, ‘You know wot? She be right.’ and decided the push back starts right here – right now? We may be shocked but are we surprised? Will Mr Robinson be banged up by breakfast accused of being a ‘hate preacher’? Has a chicken got a beak?

Take a moment to look around. We have a weak government. We have a lunatic Marxist opposition all but inciting riots. We have an alien religion that must be followed or you die. We have a silent majority who would just like their country back. Quite simply, we’re sitting on a tinderbox.

Add to all the above the chance of this really warm weather continuing and you just know that a few careless words from any one of the above could  easily act as the incendiary device cast into this tinder box and our poor little island could just explode in a truly spectacular manner that would be terrible to behold and all but impossible to contain.

I hope I’m wrong but one thing’s for sure, whatever the outcome this time, the long range forecast calls for pain.

Quote:  Seneca the Younger.

“Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false and by the rulers as useful.”

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