5 May 2017

And Then A Nibble...

While out and about this morning, the various local BBC radio stations we passed through were headlining, obviously, the council election results on their news updates. Their reluctance to say how poorly Labour were doing or even how well the Conservatives were doing in their opening remarks was embarrassingly obvious. They just concentrated, for as long as they dared, on how UKIP were being wiped out. They just can’t help themselves can they? Sad about UKIP but it was to be expected I guess.

Anyhoo, her indoors has found a little sack of stuff to nibble on of an evening and if you also like nibbling on something other than your finger nails... Sorry? You nibble on your toe nails? Each to their own I guess... while watching TV or getting lost in YouTube, try this stuff.

She got it from Aldi. They stack ‘em along their long checkout conveyors to tempt grownups – or is it kids? - into just one more purchase. If I was the manager, that’s the place I’d stack the wines and spirits.

What the hell was I typing about? Got it. It’s dried Carabao Mango. Hay, it’s a fruit so it must be one of your five a day, right? Sadly, I’m guessing the other four hundred ingredients are on the ‘don’t ever never ever, ever eat these’ list. Doubly sad as it’s probably these forbidden fruit additives that make this snack so damn good. 

If you like mango, and who doesn’t, try it. Oh, it’s another one of they one pack isn’t enough sort of thingies. It’s definitely not for sharing and unless you have a pack each there’s a good chance of a sofa stand-off ensuing. Enjoy.

Quote;  Donald L. Hicks.

“Life’s like a 6 slice apple pie at a 12 guest dinner banquet. If you just sit back and wait for it to come to you, chances are, you're going to miss dessert.”

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