22 May 2017

And Then A New Lease Of Life...

I see that manifesto thingy put out as a vote winner by Teaser May-day is getting more of a panning than winning any endorsements and they seem to insist on keeping wheeling out spokes-folk who haven’t got a scooby what it’s all about and how it’ll work. Stands back in amazement.

I’m guessing a bunch of the elderly will now be weighing up the advantages of selling all their tangible assets and distributing the monetary proceeds amongst their nearest and dearest, in the best tax avoidable manner, and reverting to living the vaguely remembered life of the past as hippies. Living in caves and foraging along hedgerows. Best quote today? ‘If I find I’m slipping into dementia, I’m going to sell-up and share the money between my kids. If I can remember their names and where they live’. A tad cruel but... May-day may be on thin ice.


I see there’s another hint of a row-back but it seems as misty as the firstly announced stuff. No-one will have to sell their home to pay for care while alive. Right, I’m lost now as it also seems they want to set a floor and not a cap. That clear? Wot if your caps on the floor then? I’m yet further convinced that there’s a darker game in play here as I can’t believe those up there are as thick as the bricks they would have us believe they are.

On the up side, this could herald a new lease of life to all those tired old TV programs that have been past their sell-by date for so long. How about I’m a Pensioner, Get Me Out Of This Three Bed Semi. Or how about, Cave Location, Cave Location, Cave Location. Those cooking competitions?   Elderly Master Chef; Road-kill Special. Wot about, You Gotta Eat Here ‘Till Your Heart explodes.

By-the-by, did you play the track above? Did you catch the picture? love it.

Quote;  Suzka.

“Violet screamed into her pillow so loudly she scared herself. Her head hurt. It was as if all her memories were trying to kick their way out. They were finished and wanted to leave.”

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