26 Apr 2017

And Then, A Wall...

Where have I been? Flat out like a lizard drinking is where I’ve been. Okay, not exactly flat out, but busy attending to those outdoor tasks that tend to accumulate through winter. Add to this that it was a beautiful day for outside chores, in fact so good was it that I actually caught the sun. However, being an unselfish sort o’ fellow, and understanding that others may well want to enjoy a little sun, I let it go again.

This typing relates to our wall - not that wall Trumpton wants to build - a wall down the bottom of the garden that needed a tidy-up. I’d got it raked out and repointed as required a few days ago so all that was needed was a coat of masonry paint and this is where it gets a tad strange.

Every time I pick up a paintbrush, the second thing my little nest of vipers says is, “You give it two time cover then?” The first being,  “That not colour I think it would be.”

This time, shade of cream being accepted, I was ready for the two coat conundrum. She asked the question and I offered my pre-prepared answer.
”With the tremendous advances in the chemical composition of the constituent parts that combine to produce modern textured masonry coverings and protectors, the need for any secondary application has been all but negated.”
I saw the curtains come down as she gave this a slack hand-full of seconds thought and then replied, “You give him two time then.” And that, taking the easy option, is wot I done did.

Sadly, I called it a day a tad early which meant I needed to complete the job the next day which, unlike the first couple of days, felt like it was the coldest day so far recorded this century. Damn it was cold. All the better to get on and get done I guess. And done it is and all cleaned up and that includes the cleaning of brushes. No, really.

But why do we do that nowadays? You seen the price of paint brushes? Probably costs more in water and/or white spirits cleaning ‘em than just binning ‘em and getting new brushes as required. If you’re of an age, you’ll well remember way back then when a paintbrush cost a good chunk of a weeks wage and, once purchased, became an item to be cared for and treasured.

Quote; Daniel Dennett.

“Life itself is just a thin coat of paint on the planet and we hold the paintbrush.”

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