3 Mar 2017

And Then, The Decent Continues...

If you’re feeling strong this evening, pop over here for the latest episode of our collapse into total madness. One has to wonder how these continually coddled children will ever cope with life on the ‘outside’.  As previously opined a nuclear holocaust may be the only cure. Let the cockroaches have another go at it utilising the surviving polystyrene.

Wot’s it all about then? Well, this of course:
“In order to promote an atmosphere in which all students and staff feel valued, Cardiff Metropolitan University endorses the use of inclusive language throughout its academic programmes and in relation to all goods and services provided.”

There’s a lovely gif thingy, wot I copied, in the comments of a trim young lady... sorry, person, who, it seems, has just had her... sorry, its trigger tripped. The end is surely nigh...


If that made you shudder, try the bit below. I believe I was directed to this clip from a Blog some time ago but, sadly, can’t recall which Blog or when. Not too long ago this clip would’ve been funny. Now? The future is with us...


Quote;  John Mendosa.

"Ever wonder if illiterate people get the full effect of alphabet soup?"

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