24 Mar 2017

And Then, A Break...

Awoke to a beautiful day so we decided to forgo the news channels and interior painting and took a drive along the coast.

We took two stops and took two walks along two harbours which was just lovely. We sat awhile and marvelled at the aerial gymnastics of the seagulls as huge flocks cavorted overhead in obvious enjoyment going by their continuous, hysterical laughter. Laughter so raucously hysterical that, I believe, only two species are capable of such. Those two being seagulls, when they’re having ridiculous fun, and MP’s upon discovering they’ve got away with something totally ridiculous.   

We did, unsurprisingly, find a very pleasant place for lunch and found the food was as nice as the surroundings so we two ate for four.  All-in-all a most enjoyable day.

Now, what’ll be on the news tonight I wonder as it seems T-light and teddy time is already over...

Quote;  Douglas Coupland.

“Eagles are seagulls with a good hairdo.”

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