17 Jan 2017

And Then, Some Clarity...

Firstly, while we wuzz driving along the other day with the roads particularly dirty owing to poor weather, we came up behind a car with a virtually unreadable rear number plate and I made the fatal mistake of mentioning to my little nest of vipers that if the police spotted that, the driver would be in trouble. She sat in silence and the journey continued with me giving it no more never mind.

She may have sat in silence but the damage was done. At the start of every journey now, the number plates are carefully inspected and cleaned of even the minutest amount of grime. Just in case. Damn!!

Did you watch Mrs Mayday making her Brexit speech today clarifying wot was going to happen?

After her speech, the BBC Daily Politics, yeah, I know, highlighted wot was said in five bullet points each point comprising about fifteen words. This took all of two minutes to talk through in an easily understandable way.

However, for Mayday to present that information it took forty five minutes and it still needed deciphering and presenting as bullet points. I do hope that young Clegg and Timmy Forlorn, after listening to that and wondering what, by the seven powers of verbosity, it was all about, were sitting in their safe spaces when the bullet points came on their screens. 

I get the spooky feeling that the Trumpton, delivering a similar speech, would’ve delivered it in an earthly fashion and finished, leaving everyone knowing and understanding everything he said, like it or not, in fifteen minutes flat.

Quote;  Steve Maraboli.

“People who lack the clarity, courage, or determination to follow their own dreams will often find ways to discourage yours. Live your truth and don't EVER stop!”

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