5 Jan 2017

And Then, Just Shake Your Head...

I caught a bit of stuff on the radio this AM about how public toilets should be labelled so as not to confuse or offend those who’s leanings are covered by any combination of numerous alphabetical letters. In a non-binary way of course.

I was losing the will to live when a bit grabbed my attention and made me explore this nonsense a tad more upon regaining the safe space that’s my sofa - and a bit of that is below in blue. The grabbing radio bit was when some dumb dame stated that the findings of the study showed, “...more fluidity is needed in the use of public toilets.” Or very close to that. Fluidity in toilets? I do wonder if the lady later realised what she’d said and is now quietly and repeatedly bouncing her head off a solid and suitably labelled toilet door.

   A study funded by the UK government exploring “toilets as political spaces” suggests men’s and women’s bathroom signs should be replaced with gender-neutral descriptors.
   The Arts and Humanities Research Council had granted £50,000 in funding for the Sheffield Hallam University ‘Around The Toilet’ study.

Don’t you love it? Toilets as political spaces? Fifty grand of our money? To a university to conduct a study called ‘Around The Toilet’? Hello? Is anybody out there in charge?

Again, fifty grand? Hay, and this is for free, if you’ve got dangly bits use the one marked Gents. If you’ve got dangly bits but dress like you haven’t, use the other and lock yourself in a stall. Reverse the above for non danglers. Hell, how hard can it be if you need to go?

Oh well, I guess we should be thankful there’s nothing left of any importance to spend fifty grand on. Really, where are we heading? I’ve no idea but when we get there I’ll wager it’s not going to be too nice.

You can read the sad story, after ensuring there’s nothing sharp or pointy close by, here. How much sadder can it all get?

Quote;  Adam Rex.

We found the bathrooms, which were labeled 'Aliens' and 'Femaliens.'
'Finally,' I said to J.Lo. 'Here's a bathroom you're allowed to use.’

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