7 Jan 2017

And Then, An Apology...

First up, a tragedy over the pond apparently perpetrated by a fellow with known mental health issues. A known nutter? How does that work then? Someone obviously assessed this chap, diagnosed problems and then?
“Oh my.” Says the guy on being told he’s nuts. “You think I should I hand my gun in?”
“You have a gun? Nah, shouldn’t be a problem but try to cut down to twenty a day.” Says the trick-cyclist.
“I don’t smoke!” Replies the diagnosed nuts chap.
“Good, but I meant twenty rounds of ammo a day. And try to stay away from crowds if you can, okay? Bu-by. NEXT.”

Okay, here comes the apology.  When I was trying to figure out why my desktop PC was playing games with me, you may remember I went through the motions of uninstalling a couple of bits of software wot I naively thought may have been part of the problem.

After uninstalling, the PC did, indeed, show signs of improvement but this proved to be quite short-lived and he done did die.

Having got me a new PC, and finally getting it set up to my needs and liking – and in a nutshell, that means getting rid of not needed preloaded stuff and all that, ‘I’m looking over your shoulder’ stuff - I decided to install the two items I’d ‘identified’ as bad boys.

I’m happy to report that, after many days on both the PC and back on the laptop, both bits of software are working perfectly and, more importantly, so are both computers and thus I owe the developers of both bits o’ kit an apology.

If you work with words at all, even just jotting a humble E-mail, and be as dim as wot I be, you’ll appreciate the occasional{?} help of WordWeb, Having said that, a hundred years ago I did sit and get an English GCE. Pardon? No,no, just an O.

If you like to know wot you’re supposed to be doing today or soon thereafter, you may also like a calendar that integrates with your desktop wallpaper. Sadly, I can wake, fire-up the ‘puter, make coffee, check calendar, note I need to get a birthday card, shower, jump in the car and then wonder where I’m going and for what... Anyhoo, Interactive Calendar is pretty cool. Again, my humble apologies to both bits o’ kit.

After saying all that, you and I both now know exactly what’s going to happen when I power up the computers tomorrow, right?

Quote; Bjarne Stroustrup.

"I have always wished for my computer to be as easy to use as my telephone; my wish has come true because I can no longer figure out how to use my telephone."

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