25 Jan 2017

And Then Another Professor...

During a little car meandering yesterday, with the radio tuned to a local station, I caught a bit of an interview with a university professor who, it was stated, was one of the worlds leading experts in – you ready for this? – coughing.

In amongst all the talk I did notice that the good prof stated that, during his studies, he’d discovered that nicotine seemed very good for alleviating persistent coughing. He said that this was kind o’ sad as hot smoke was a major cause of coughing. He went on to state that the new nicotine delivery systems, read E-cigs, were seen by many as a way to radically reduce coughing spasms. I got a bit lost in his hot smoke/nicotine reasoning round about this time...

However, the kicker for me was when he stated that nine out of every ten coughers that had followed his recommendations had seen vast improvements in their general coughing demeanour. And here’s the really refreshing kicker. The good professor concluded by saying that, sadly, it meant he still had to shoot the one in every ten who got no relief.

What a lovely non PC line from a prof no less. And on the BBC to boot. Could it be the new broom Trumpton effect? Wouldn’t that be nice, and he’s only been sweeping for a couple o’ days!

It was also interesting to note, this being the BBC interviewing an academic an’ all, that there was absolutely no mention that Brexit will decimate the prof’s funding relating to his essential research or that a Trumpton administration will probably be the death knell of coughing research worldwide.


Quote;  John Philpot Curran.

“My dear doctor, I an surprised to hear you say that I am coughing very badly, as I have been practising all night.”

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