9 Nov 2016

And Then A Result...

Congratulations to our cousins over the pond on giving the political elite yet another very sound kicking. This has, of course, also resulted in our ‘elite’ MSM over here, with the BBC to the fore, going into meltdown. A meltdown similar to the shots of Clinton supporting snowflakes melting as the warm results rolled over them.

Our MSM seems to be reporting any and everything that, they’re 100% sure, WILL go wrong; plunging markets, exchange rate chaos along with all the usual disasters and plagues, with nary a hint of even the slightest consideration as to wot might go right.

Isn’t it strange that when they ‘interview’ a member of the beaten elite, they state how amazingly close the result really was and it’s left the country divided but when the elite win by a similar margin it’s a decisive victory.

France and Germany next? Who knows, but dependant on those results, it could well be the final implosion of our MSM.

Quote;  Marshall McLuhan.

“American youth attributes much more importance to arriving at driver's license age than at voting age.”

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