29 Nov 2016

And Then, Nothing Fancy...

Thus it came to pass that The Nutty Professor has taken over from Mr Mirage and, yet again, the establishment will be head butting brick walls wondering how to deal with this normal person who communicates successfully with his audience just by speaking in normalees.

Our cleaver journalists, and I use  the word cleaver guardedly as witnessed by the on-line headline way below, will also be a bit lost as, speaking in normalees, he leaves little to no room for them to make stuff up, or to twist stuff along the lines of, “However, it’s obvious that what he really meant when he said that was...{insert reporters personal political point of view}” As a by-the-by it seems a reporter in this day and age is anyone over twenty {optional} who can type a sentence without falling into txt type typing by slipping in the occasional LOL, or speak a short sentence without a single use of the word  ‘like’.

Anyhoo, all those Labour folk and all the other usual suspects must be in total despair at this news as it comes hot on the heels of the other news that one of their mass murdering heroes has finally dropped off the planet. Talking of ‘hot on the heels’ one assumes that that fellow’s heels are, indeed, getting hotter by now.

First rattle out o’ the box from a Loopy was something along the lines that shortly before Mr Nutella was born, he wanted to privatise the NHS. Poor, poor Leftistanians. Could it get any worse for them? You know what? Given a little time, I do believe it could.

“Mark Field plays down Brexit memo and insists Theresa May DOES has 'serious' strategy.”  Good to know Maybe does has a strategy. I was started for thinking she didn’t has some. Hay, we all make mistakes but most of us aren’t paid huge amounts of money to make ‘em.

Quote;  ??

"The light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off due to budget cuts."

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